Tin Hao

What we offer


Siopao (包子)

Our Siopao are all hand moulded by expert Chinese bakers and are made from high-quality flour and the freshest meat from suppliers that we built long-term relationships with. Our Siopao dough is characterized to be of soft texture, slightly sweet and very filling. We offer 5 different kinds of meat fillings that cater to everyone’s palate.


Siomai and Dumplings (烧卖水饺)

Our Siomai are all masterfully prepared with seasoned ground meat, spices and mushroom with an outer covering made of a thin sheet of lye water dough. Shark’s Fin Dumplings uses a different wrapping method and are filled with seasoned ground pork and glass noodles.


Rice Toppings (原盅蒸饭)

Our Rice Toppings are simmered, braised and steamed to perfection using authentic Chinese spices and sauces. We have the advantage of having no added extenders and preservatives. The ultimate comfort food, meals are all served with a heaping cup of rice.


Drinks and Soups (饮料/汤料)

Our Black Gulaman is made from authentic Grass Jelly or xian cao (仙草)sourced from Southern China.The jelly itself is translucent black and comes from the Mint family which provides cooling properties, perfect to consume in hot tropical weather.
Our Spinach and Shitake Soup uses the freeze-drying technology. This makes it easier to transport and reduces spoilage to 99.99%. The use of the technology also retains the smell, taste and nutritional content of the soup. The soup is a perfect blend of egg, carrots, spinach and mushrooms.

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